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GTKMM: [1/5] Actors  -> Chris Evans

"As an actor, you want opportunities like this but if a big movie hits there’s a whole bunch of problems and if it misses there’s another bunch of problems. Its a real dichotomy."

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Hello. I accept your s u r r e n d e r.

 ⤷ hadhafangs asked: Thor or Iron Man?

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"For all our sakes, start reading Us Weekly."

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Captain Swan + my favorite scenes transitions / camera focuses

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the one where no one's ready
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"I don’t understand why we need to get ready, now,” Stiles grumbles, tossing a chip in his mouth as he stares blankly at the television.

"Because you need several hours to look remotely acceptable for public appearances," Derek snipes, stealing the chip bag and smirking as Stiles flips him off. 

"You both need to get ready," Scott moans, trying to chivvy Stiles out of his arm chair. "I need everyone ready by six forty-five! It’s five to, now!"

"Babe!" Allison runs out of her bedroom in her dressing gown, and for a moment Scott tries to cover Stiles’ eyes, and then realises he hasn’t even looked up from where he’s glowering at Derek. 

"Uh," he runs a hand through his hair, "You okay?"

"How black tie is the black tie, here? Do I need something that says future Mayor’s wife, or just like it’s Derek’s birthday again and he wants us all to go to a fancy restaurant and pretend we fit in?"

"You didn’t even try to fit in,” Derek cuts in crossly.

"Hey man, I wore a tux," Stiles points out. 

"Yes," Derek’s mouth dries up a little at the memory, and then he scowls, "And, then proceeded to have a bread roll fight with Scott across the table."

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(905): He handed me a temporary tattoo and said cover the hickey up with this


When Stiles stumbles into the kitchen, all uncoordinated limbs, rings under his eyes and hair a complete disaster, the sheriff eyes him with equal parts judgement and amusement over the rim of his coffee mug.

"Morning, son" he says pointedly. "Had fun last night?"

"Uh-huh," Stiles mumbles. He’s not exactly sober or awake enough to have a full-fledged conversation with his father; it’s five-thirty in the morning, he hasn’t slept at all, his clothes are still beer-soaked and stink of smoke. He’s a fucking mess, and he would give everything for the opportunity to call in sick and spend the rest of the day at the only place he has truly wanted to be for the past, like, two years: Derek’s bed, with Derek warm and sleepy next to him.

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It was Hermione.

"But she didn’t look like Hermione at all. She had done something with her hair; it was no longer bushy but sleek and shiny, and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head. She was wearing robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material…” - Ch23 | THE YULE BALL

Wasn’t her dress pink?


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