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Can we have a final message for the Marvel fans out there that are so supportive and dedicated? (x)

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Chris Hemsworth + co-stars

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make me chooseanon asked: cora hale or erica reyes

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derek hale meme | derek hale + favorite lines/quotes

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Im bored in class and I made a thing. I told u this babbu will not go anywhere without his beloved fur. He’s so stubborn and spoiled his parents have to order him ice and some nice fanning on a chaise lounge so he won’t die for fashion.

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Wet!Stiles - requested by beacon-hills-university.

Good luck on your exams!

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What’s interesting about good and moral people is that they actually have to try and function in a word that isn’t. And the older you get, the more interesting that becomes. Because it’s also the hardest thing to do in the world. (x) (x)

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